Healthcare for Barrio Blanco

Untreated illnesses and injuries can have deadly consequences for the most vulnerable individuals. Our goal is to remove financial obstacles related to proper treatment.


La Clinica De Salud” is our 400 square foot facility complete with a waiting room, pharmacy, private doctor’s office, and bathroom. In the Dominican Republic, this casual medical facility is called a “Consultorio.”  


Since the Consultorio opened, the cost of operation has been roughly $7,500 per year.


Common conditions treated in the clinic include diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria, gripe (a tropical flu,) denge, and a variety of childhood illnesses. The facility provides treatment for injuries and performs minor surgery at no cost to patients from Barrio Blanco. Additionally, the consultorio provides a variety of sexual health services which include prenatal care, contraception, and sex education.


Although widely encompassing in services, La Clinica De Salud is not equipped to perform lab work or major surgery.


Today La Clinica De Salud often serves more than 30 people per day, 3 days a week.

Weekly small group-discussions (called Charlas) are led by Dr. Wally to educate participants and encourage discussion about health topics. This model provides a casual atmosphere to speak with a medical professional, and communal accountability for attendees. The social incentive of Charlas have been particularly effective within the diabetic community. Participants formed a healthy competition over maintaining their blood sugar levels.


La Clinica De Salud sees and treats anyone who needs care and provides free medicine (if available) to Barrio Blanco residents. Patients from outside the Barrio receive free treatment, but must purchase their prescriptions from a pharmacy.  


La Clinica de Salud partners, whenever possible, with organizations with a common goal of helping others. Donated medical supplies are an ongoing need for the free clinic in Barrio Blanco, as well as donated time from traveling physicians, nurses and dentists.


Fundraising efforts for the consultorio are necessary to pay Dr. Wally and buy necessary supplies like gloves, syringes, and medicine. As funds are available, we hope to introduce additional medical services such as sonography.

Volunteer work is critical to the clinic’s success. Volunteer Optometrists and Dentists have provided services for the neighborhood in the past, but the need for volunteer medical professionals and donated medical supplies is ongoing. 

Consultorio staff and volunteers

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