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Educating Barrio Blanco's youth:

preschool through university 

Our biggest asset is the human potential of the people who live in Barrio Blanco.


are immersed, engaged, and love to learn. Unfortunately, many of their families don't have the financial resources to send them to school.



Barrio School

ages 2 ½ -5 ½

54 children attend The DREAM Project Montessori school each week day at the community school built by the residents.

About half the students live in Barrio Blanco. The rest are from nearby neighborhoods. 

Students in the Barrio school learn basics of

  • math

  • Reading

  • writing

  • science

  • manners

  • personal hygiene 

  •  classroom skills

in addition, the 27 children who participate in morning classes receive a healthy breakfast each day as part of their scholarship

Cadin Colegio ages 5 ½- 18

Our donors sponsor 27 students, grades 1-12, to attend classes at Cadin Colegio.

The scholarships cost $1,200 per year and includes everything needed to be on equal footing with their classmates and include

  • tuition 

  • transportation

  • books and supplies

  • backpack 

  • two uniforms

  • breakfast

Barrio Blanco students make up 8% of the student at Cadin, so the school takes extra initiative to see our students succeed. 

To date our students have a nearly 100% graduation rate.


ages 18+

As of mid 2019, Providing Opportunity has 6 students enrolled in a nearby university. They're majoring in teaching and accounting.


Most of these students are young mothers who want a better life for their kids than they had. Their scholarships cost $1,200 and include

  • tuition

  • transportation

  • books and supplies

  • ceremonial garments

we have 2 students with scholarships to medical school in Santiago, 60 miles away from Barrio Blanco. Due to distance their scholarships includes an apartment, living expenses, and half the cost of household food.

Obstacles to education

Our students face many educational barriers which prevent them from  include

  •  Lack of of citizenship documentation, which makes it impossible to start college


  • Expensive and lengthy documentation process (Providing Opportunity has successfully documented many  students with donor assistance)

  • Developmental delays  from poor nutrition and lack of childhood healthcare

  • Poor role-models and family support

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